Family Coaching

 Family Coaching – Peace of Mind!

What Is Family Coaching?

Our goal at CanAm Interventions is to treat the whole family offering family coaching to families who face multiple challenges, during the course of treatment for their loved one’s addiction or mental health challenges.

  • Family coaching provides education for families affected by addictions and/or mental health challenges.
  • Family coaching will help minimize the emotional pressures families experience while building healthy relationships through the recovery process.
  • Family coaching helps to identify and reduce the challenges that families like yourself are having when seeking care, to reduce everyday stress and to take away the need to manage your loved one’s recovery process.
  • Family coaching offers a way to navigate the maze of treatment options and manage the recovery process.

At CanAm Interventions, it is vitally important the treatment providers we work are professional liable. We provide oversight to our client’s becoming a single point of contact while your loved is in the process of treatment and offer aftercare services.

  • We help families to navigate the treatment maze and behavioral health care systems.
  • We interview, evaluate and personally visit all treatment centers we work with before making a referral to a treatment program.
  • We collaborate with professionals while utilizing our expertise and experience as we coordinate and communicate with everyone involved.

The Family Coaching Process

  • Our case management and family coaching cultivate a relationship with each client to gain a better understanding of their challenges, goals and circumstances.
  • Based on this shared understanding, the family coach is then able to recommend personalized care based on clinical need.
  • We continually evaluate treatment effectiveness and refine the treatment process as circumstances change.

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Reasons to Seek for Family Coaching

Time: Many people choose family coaching services because they cannot dedicate the time necessary for organizing their loved one’s care.

Navigating Complex Situations: Others find that family coaching can play a vital role in navigating, to guide you through the process of getting the care or assistance that you need.

Expertise: Overseeing a treatment plan and coordinating care can quickly become overwhelming for family members who has other responsibilities and no experience dealing with how to best support their loved one’s recovery process.

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