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Evan Amarni

Evan Amarni Licensed Advanced Alcohol and Drug Counselor & Certified Interventionist M.S., LAADC-CA, ICADC, CIP

Evan has been working in the behavioral healthcare industry for over 10 years. Spending a majority of his career working with individuals who have been incarcerated most of their lives and showing them a different lifestyle than what they have been accustomed to has helped shape his perception of how addiction can take a toll on those suffering.

Evan really enjoys working with families and partnering with them through the intervention process. He does this by offering direct feedback in a loving and caring way, setting the tone for how the family will carry on in the healing process.

Evan has sat on numerous boards including the California Association of Alcohol and Drug Abuse Counselors and the California Consortium of Addiction Programs and Professionals. His most rewarding moment in any intervention is when he witnesses a family that has been torn apart by addiction reunify in a healthier dynamic than when he first started working with them. He believes undoubtedly that the family must seek out help and put forth effort in their own healing process for the reunification process to be most successful.

Both Eric and Evan work as team together as interventionist professionals, a single unit, in the intervention process. They have the flexibility to switch roles during the process and change trajectories based on the given situation, in the moment. It is by this capability that they find working as a team is more effective and leads to a more successful intervention process.

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