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Eric Moore

Eric Moore, Addiction Counselor and Certified Interventionist


Eric began his mission of interventions on the premise of providing nothing less than excellence to his clients and families. His understanding of what is needed to begin a life in recovery gives him the compassion and empathy that is necessary in all his interactions with clients and loved ones. His dedication to the recovery community and those who struggle with addiction is beyond reproach.

With over a decade of experience working in the behavioral healthcare arena and years of experience working on the front lines with, what others would consider to be, the most difficult cases he has shown that everyone can recover and find a new way of life when given the appropriate environment, opportunity, and guidance to do so. He believes that when people are met with positive regard for their own desires or dreams, love, and compassion from those closest to them the intervention process is much more powerful and, therefore successful.

Both Eric and Evan work as team together as interventionist professionals, a single unit, in the intervention process. They have the flexibility to switch roles during the process and change trajectories based on the given situation, in the moment. It is by this capability that they find working as a team is more effective and leads to a more successful intervention process.

Provides: Interventions and Family Case Management Services throughout the United States.

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