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Emily Spencer

Emily Spencer, Recovery and Sober Companionship

Emily Spencer is in the field of Sober Companionship along with being a Director of Admissions and Marketing at a drug and alcohol treatment center. Along with her personal recovery from addiction that she keeps separate from work, Emily has extensive knowledge and experience in all areas of the recovery field. She has created for herself a purpose to help fellow addicts and alcoholics (more specifically women) and strives everyday to be a better person than the day before. Emily provides companionship services, recovery resources and life skills. Emily also works well with 12 step approaches, client centered approaches, and other alternative approaches.

“Today, I gratefully continue my journey of recovery and live transparently without shame, guilt, or regret. I believe we all have a choice: weather to harbor our pains and injustices from the past by nursing resentments, or to seek help and begin the healing process. Everyone is able to recover if they are honest with themselves, open to change, and willing to put the footwork in.”

Provides: Recovery and Sober Companionship Services in Los Angeles, California

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