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Watching a loved one continue down a path of substance abuse and self-destruction is devastating. As their life hangs in the balance, you may feel powerless and afraid that you’ll further distance the addicted person from you by insisting they get help.

As drug treatment and intervention professionals, we are trained and experienced in cutting through the inevitable confusion, emotion and stress in these situations to establish ground rules and a framework for a successful outcome.

Consultation And Intervention Plan

This is a comprehensive consultation and assessment of needs; and is often requested by the family in situations where urgent help is needed.

We will speak with the individual and it is recommended that appropriate family members or close friends are available to listen to all that’s being discussed, in order to offer the best possible support.

At CanAm Interventions, we strongly believe meeting families using either a formal or informal assessment process, helps families determine the best next steps, gain a sense of empowerment and hope, and set the foundation for successful treatment planning. By engaging in a consultation, families are taking action toward solutions and are able to learn about appropriate resources, which can often include an intervention.

This consultation and assessment are an intensive and holistic look at all that is going on in the individual’s life and all that they suffer with, be it addiction, mental health, behavioral issues and anything else.

The idea is to offer the individual and the family a good understanding of the journey ahead and all that has to happen to achieve the life-change needed. This includes a recovery plan for reference and consideration.

If a family is committed to moving forward with an intervention, CanAm Interventions can facilitate the intervention. If your family is unsure of what to do next or what steps to take to support your loved one, I encourage you to schedule a consultation.

Request A Free Consultation

CanAm Interventions consultations are complimentary and offer the opportunity to freely and confidentially discuss your situation with a Certified Intervention Professional.

We look forward to helping you learn more about our method and the step-by-step support you’ll receive from our team in the process of intervention.

CanAm Interventions can set up an individual or family consultation. We are here to help. Together, we can save a life.

Consultation & Treatment Placement services can include:

  • Assessment
  • Substance use evaluation
  • Individualized treatment planning
  • Screening for substance use
  • Overview of past and present treatment, legal, medical and mental health, and family history
  • Exploration of strengths, values, and goals
  • 24/7 treatment transportation
  • Coordination of arrangements to enter treatment

Free Confidential Consultation

Patricia M. Pike, CanAm Interventions CEO, has helped thousands of individuals and families choose treatment programs domestically and internationally.

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