Recovery Coaching & Transport Services

We’ll stay with you the whole way!

Recovery Coaching Service

At CanAm Interventions, we have trained recovery coaches specializing in addiction and /or mental health diagnoses. Our specialists are available 24/7 for individualize support with a comprehensive and personalized treatment plans.

CanAm interventions offers recovery companionship services, to help individuals with one on one support, either in the early stages of recovery or persons requesting individualize support for their addictions or mental health challenges in the comfort of their home.

CanAm Interventions advocates building healthy relationship, practicing recovery skills, gaining life skills, to better equip to address personal challenges and most of all to remain free from drugs and alcohol.

Studies have indicated that the first 90 days of post-treatment are the most important. The data is clear that relapse rates are higher after individuals within the first three months after completing treatment.

With relapse rates as high as 75% after treatment, it has been shown that persons completing treatment and continue on with a strong recovery community. Examples of this type of support include outpatient treatment programs, sober living environments, drug and alcohol screening recovery coaching, family coaching services in combination with other professional support and other community support groups such as 12-step meetings or alternative support groups attendance achieve an 80 to 90 % abstinence success rate in the first year.

Most of our clients have completed inpatient treatment, eager to get on with their lives. It is vitally important to have professional coaches to support clients on their transitions back into the community. Our goal is to meet clients exactly where they are at in their recovery process.

We’ll stay with you the whole way!

Transport Services:

CanAm Interventions provides sober transport companionship to clients suffering with addiction and mental health challenges. Our sober transport companionship ensures that clients make to and from treatment and to their designated destination.

  • 24/7 treatment transportation/escort services
  • Travel arrangements, to meet the clients needs.
  • Transporting persons into residential treatment
  • Drug and alcohol screening and support services
  • Transporting persons into detox programs.
  • Transport/escort clients after Intervention services
  • Nursing transport support services 24/7
  • Making sure clients arrives to their designated destination
  • Transitioning person from residential treatment back to their community.

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