Choosing an Interventionist


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It can be heartbreaking and nerve-wracking when someone you care about has a substance use disorder. You might have a family member or another loved one who is unable to stop drinking or using drugs. You’ve pointed out how their addiction is tearing your family apart and talked about the hope of recovery.

You may also feel like you’ve done everything you can think of to encourage this transformation, they may also be resisting your pleadings to get the help they need and deserve.

You’ve researched interventions and have decided that it is time to stage an intervention. Since this is a major step for everyone involved, it is important that you choose the right interventionist the first time.

At CanAm Interventions we guide families, friends, and others through the intervention process where the identified loved one is encouraged to accept help and treatment.


Finding The Right Intervention Specialist

Many families think they must wait for their loved one to hit rock bottom before he or she will be willing to change. It’s frightening to watch addicted family members risk their lives, and sometimes the lives of others, hoping they’ll change before it’s too late. You worry they’ll end up in jail, in the hospital, or worse. But an interventionist can change that.

When families establish boundaries and stand together, they don’t have to wait for their family member to fall completely into hopelessness and desperation before he or she agrees to treatment. It can be frustrating, exhausting and heartbreaking to wait for your loved one to decide it’s time to get help for addiction.

An intervention specialist can step in to help your loved one choose treatment. A professional certified interventionist has spent extensive time in the trenches, so they are intimately experienced with the best methods available. Interventionists help families get on the same page so they don’t have to find how hard rock bottom really is.

At CanAm Interventions, we pride ourselves on professionalism, we work with families throughout the recovery process to help everyone heal.

Interventionists Should Be Passionate About Helping Others Recover

Finding the right interventionist could be the best decision you make. The right person will know which words and approaches are going to be most effective in breaking down barriers and revealing the truth to your loved one.

CanAm Interventions has a team of professional interventionists. If you’d like to find out how CanAm Interventions can help you and your family begin to heal from addiction, call today for a free consultation.

Ms. Pike is trained and skilled in addictions, family systems, and successful intervention techniques. Ms. Pike’s expertise as a Certified Intervention Professional along with years of working in the field of addictions and behavioral health have given her in-depth knowledge regarding interventions, case management, treatment and aftercare planning, and a variety of other support services.

Individuals and families find greater success when they work with a professional and participate in aftercare services. Our services offer support, education, guidance and direction to individuals and families.



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