Certfied Intervention Professional (CIP)

CanAm Interventions is here to help. Patricia Pike of www.canaminterventions.com and www.interventiontrainings.com

I am grateful beyond words to have people believe in my professional abilities. I am humbled by the families who call on me for professional help and I Am beyond excited to inspire other professionals.


In the last 10 months, I’ve had 94 people attend CanAm Intervention Trainings throughout Canada and the United States . I say this with humility, hope, and to inspire others professionals to gain intervention training, to be better equip, to support families and untreated persons.

  • I believe fully in professional accountability.
  • I encourage education, professional certifications, ethics and professional collaboration.
  • There are 160 certified intervention professionals in the USA and Canada.
  • When looking for a professional interventionist, look for a CIP certfication.
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