CanAm Intervention 102

CanAm Intervention 102 eight-week supervision training is to provide a professional framework for those wanting to become interventionist.

To start their own business, obtain further education and certifications as well guidance to start the practical steps of working on intervention cases. Registration | Interventions | San Rafael, CA 94903 (

Learning Objectives:

  1. Intern Interventionist will develop awareness of the key role of marketing, to create a professional business.
  2. Intern Interventionist will become familiar by preparing for interventions and case management cases.
  3. Intern Interventionist will have a chance to consider the Pros and Cons of entering private practice.
  4. Intern Interventionist will be provided concrete tools for pricing of services, establishing value for professional services.
  5. Intern Interventionist will gain a clear understanding to further education and obtain intervention certifications.
  6. Intern Interventions will learn the practical steps of working with clients and their family and facilitating intervention work.
  7. Participants will have access to documentation needed to start intervention business.
  8. Participants will have guidance on intervention cases.

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