Canada’s hardest hit drug infested areas in Vancouver, BC, Canada.

The truth from a mother.  I see the damage and Shame of addiction. Last month I was in the Downtown Eastside, Vancouver, BC . One of the worst hit areas in Canada of drug Addiction and Mental Illness. It’s is beyond a description of emotional pain to watch the death in folks eyes looking for the next fix, pill or liquid. it is shameful the Vancouver health board and other government agencies are pouring money into a problem that is increasing more drug addiction behaviors, overdose deaths, homelessness, crime free zones so addicts can sell and use drugs freely, and slums for addicts to live and exist to use drugs freely and eventually die. I have seen it progress since the 1990’s with really no change. I feel Ashamed knowing that Canada being a county of social medicine have No awareness of Recovery. The government officials are still trying to treat addictions as a medical issues AND not looking at the complexities of Untreated Addictions SUCH AS; Trauma and Mental illness also, it is a connection problem too.
I agree addicts brains are wired differently however you cannot just treat addicts using only harm reduction medications and keeping addicts alive for stats reason Really….There are very few detox beds, hardly any transitional living houses, outpatient program. To try and find treatment other than 12 step model is almost impossible. There are many untreated addicts in the downtown area of Vancouver with much trauma , mental health diagnoses. I have seen history repeating itself in Vancouver, the recreation of programs focused on harm reduction with nothing more that keeping the addicts activated to fill the void with more dugs.
I worked in Vancouver Downtown Eastside from the early 1990’s until 2006. The same talks on harm reduction, now there are new voices spouting the same approach using new languages, only doing the same thing, enabling the situations, to provide more safe havens and ways for addiction to continue. “Isn’t insanity repeating the same thing over and over again”.
For God sake get with the times and learn the concept of recovery, transitional housing, outpatient programs, alternative treatment and resources for healing addiction and trauma. Food and water is essential to staying alive however giving food to the homeless does not save addicts from dying, having strict laws within the criminal justice system by providing resources geared towards recovery.
These people hanging out on the street, going from moment to moment to survive, they have names, stories, skills, and are capable of accepting new recovery approach to living. When I hear people say the only way for addicts to stop using and get help is they need to want it. I seen many addicts die this way. Addicts need direction, they need to be taken by the hand, supported into the process of change and recovery, some addicts will not want traditional treatment, it is essential to look at the attachment model in treatment and understand that the disconnection issues are part of the internal resources needed for addicts to become treated and in order to start the process of healing. Addicts need people to help them to become willing

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