Self Medicating during Covid-19

During the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic, the world shut down causing a lot of people to be out of work and sheltering in place. People who are in recovery from substance use disorders were highly affected. In-Person meetings were paused for over a year in some places, and while Zoom meetings were available, what was missing was face to...[ read more ]

Finding Healthy Coping Skills in Recovery

Often, after one has been abusing substances for a while, they lose sight of the healthy things that previously brought them joy. Finding hobbies is necessary to avoid idle thoughts. Revisiting things that have in the past brought pleasure are good ways to pass the time, especially for those  new in recovery or at risk for relapse. If the person...[ read more ]

Recovery Community Resources

12-step meeting come in many different forms nowadays, there is not only AA and NA, but now different branches such as Recovery Dharma, SMART Recovery or LifeRing. With the recent Covid-19 pandemic, meetings have been made even more available. With a lot of locations sheltering in place, all a person needed to attend a meeting of any sort was some...[ read more ]

Healing through the Gratitude

Gratitude Too often people fixate on what is wrong in their life and all the things that irritate them. This contributes to stress, anger and agitation that doesn’t lead to good choices or help good relationships. Concentrating on what is good in one’s life can help center the focus on what is truly meaningful. Gratitude is an emotion or can...[ read more ]

Families & Substance Use Disorders

Substance Use Disorders can affect the family as a whole. Substance abuse can wreak havoc on a family in many ways, whether it be lack of trust, poor communication, dishonesty, worry and much more. When there is a loved one who is in the midst of their addiction, the whole family tends to suffer. However, when the identified patient seeks...[ read more ]

What Is A Home Detox?

Detoxification when applied to addiction is defined as the natural process that occurs in the body as it attempts to rid the system of waste products and toxins from excessive, long-term alcohol consumption or drug use. In a treatment setting, detox is usually accompanied by medication, and followed by therapy. The aim of detoxification is to rid the body of...[ read more ]

Preventing Relapse in Aftercare

A significant factor in the vicious cycle of addiction is relapse. Like depression or PTSD, addiction is a co-occurring disorder that can be triggered by the smallest thing, and can easily spiral out of control after months of hard work. So, the main aim of aftercare is to prevent relapse: that is, staying sober. This is done in four ways:...[ read more ]

What Makes CanAm Interventions Addiction and Mental Health Interventionists Unique?

CanAm Interventions was established to provide something rare in the world of addiction intervention. Founded by Patricia Pike, CanAm Interventions has become the lifesaving conduit between the addiction epidemic and a long-term solution. By effectively empowering addicts and their families with the necessary tools, CanAm Interventions is able to not only help each individual get the help they need, but...[ read more ]

Why are boundaries so important in recovery?

What are boundaries and why do we need them? Boundaries are just as defined for mathematics, they are limits. However, in recovery they are emotional, spiritual, mental and physical limits. Boundaries are intended to work in a positive way to help the person define what they want and ensure they are keeping themselves safe. I have witnessed those who often...[ read more ]

Mental Health Interventions

At CanAm Interventions, we are trained to support persons with complex mental health and trauma related interventions. It is rare anymore to facilitate an intervention or case management case, and treatment placements without having clients or family members struggling with some type of complex trauma or mental health diagnosis. One of the important aspects of providing professional services to our...[ read more ]

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