Concierge Home Detox at CanAm Interventions

Detoxing from substances is uncomfortable no matter where the detox takes place, however detox at home offers comfort, safety and combined with treatment and aftercare. detox is the first step to a solid recovery. Medical detox can be done safely, with the help of medical and recovery professionals from the comfort of home. What to expect from a professional at...[ read more ]

Long term effects on the brain of using cannabis

Long term effects on the brain of using cannabis Cannabis is one of the most highly abused recreational drugs, with more and more cases showing up in residential treatment centers. Marijuana use can lead not only to long term cognitive impairment, but also to health complications affecting mainly the heart and lungs as well as the brain. Research is limited,...[ read more ]

The effects on the family when a loved one has untreated mental health issues

The effects on the family when a loved one has untreated mental health issues When a family member is struggling with a mental health disorder, it usually affects more than just that individual, particularly the individual’s family. Families can be totally at a loss of how to best help their loved one. Education not only on mental illness and similar...[ read more ]

Zoom, Isolation for Addiction

Zoom, Isolation for Addiction. The important connection made possible by the structure of 12 step meetings, the sponsor sponsee support system and the availability of practically on demand help, is fundamental to success in recovery. The pandemic has affected everyone differently. Addiction itself is already a disease that causes isolation. A large component of recovery is the relationships that are...[ read more ]

Making Amends can often be one of the most difficult Steps

Making amends can often be one of the most difficult steps when one is seeking to live a life in recovery. First one must identify what they have done to cause harm to others and thoroughly apologize. The apology is not always accepted on the first or second try and at times may never be. However, it is important to...[ read more ]

How to deal with stressful situations in Recovery

How to deal with stressful situations People in recovery often deal with a variety of stressors such as classic triggers, problems in the workplace or cravings to use. It is how you handle it that matters. If handled improperly these stressors can lead down a dark road and potentially to relapse. It is important to identify one’s triggers, the people,...[ read more ]

Zoom Dysmorphia

Almost two years of Zoom meetings and calls has led to an unofficial diagnosis of “Zoom Dysmorphia.” The use of front facing cameras has impacted how people are looking at their own faces, causing additional scrutiny of their appearance. For some entire work days are being held virtually with face to face meetings. Not only do they have to look...[ read more ]

Trauma and Addiction

There is a strong bond that connects trauma and addiction. Many people struggling with addiction have underlying trauma issues. If they don’t, they have at some point experienced trauma during their addiction. Recovery and therapeutic interventions can assist those individuals who have substance use disorders learn new ways to replace unhealthy behavior patterns and coping skills with new healthy ones....[ read more ]

Recovery from Addiction

Early recovery from addiction is difficult.  One of the most beneficial things a person who is new in recovery can do is get regular exercise. There are many benefits in having good health hygiene and routine. For one, exercise reduces stress, as well as boredom. Stress in itself, can be very triggering. Exercise actually reduces the stress hormone levels in...[ read more ]

          Facing Recovery from Addiction is Grueling.

Facing recovery from addiction is grueling. Getting started, finding the inner strength and motivation to pursue sobriety is a daunting task. Being honest with oneself is hard and humbling. The first thing you must do is admit to yourself, “I am an Addict.” Overcoming an addiction is a challenge. Addiction is a disease, and even with recovery it is a...[ read more ]

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