What to look for when you are hiring an Interventionist ?


What are you looking for in an interventionist.


It is important for family members or persons seeking professional help that are looking to hired a professional interventionist to check their professionals education and professional experiences of working in the field of  addictions and alcoholism or mental health /trauma.

It is really important to request a copy of the professional’s credentials such as; Certified Intervention Professional and/or  other licenses and certification along with professional experiences.

An interventionist is a specialist, it is important to understand that not all clinician or professionals don’t have the intervention skills to facilitate a family interventions.

Patricia Pike of CanAm Interventions is a highly qualified professional working in the addiction and mental health field for over 25 years and facilitating interventions for over 9 years. Patricia facilitates both Surprise and Invitational intervention approach interventions and provides family and client case management during and after treatment.

The core Values of CanAm Interventions is to professionally support family members by creating a structure three day education, assessment and intervention group process developing an intervention treatment plan with a goal to promote healthy communication and conversations, directed by a the Certified interventionist.

Ms. Pike’s beliefs comes from her education and professional background in the counseling filed using professional theories and techniques and  ” family heart felt approach”promoting accountability,kindness, compassion, and educating families on how to get through a very difficult crisis or situation And build trust in the professional interventionist, to facilitate a professional service for their family and loved ones.

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CanAm Interventions provides Intervention services, Client/Family Case Management, Aftercare Treatment Services,  Aftercare/ SoberLiving,  Sober Support and  Transport Services.