Rethinking Teen Mental Health using the Attachment Model

Patricia Pike of CanAm Interventions attended A Great Conference Today, Rethinking Teen Mental Health Conference , A Path to Sustainable Healing, hosted by Newport Academy , San Francisco. #attachmentchildhoodtrauma #teentreatment #interventions #casemanagement #soberliving #addiction #mentalhealth

Attachment-based therapies helps to identify how attachment ruptures from early childhood often interfere with achieving health, happiness, and emotional well-being – particularly for those with mental health and addiction issues. Relational trauma forms disempowering core beliefs which define the sense of self, resulting in life-long emotional and relational patterns.

Healing relational trauma minimizes triggers and reduces emotional dysregulation in the present. Gaining self-awareness of what often is deeply rooted and unconscious, frees us from the past and the need to act out in self-defeating behaviors.

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