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An intervention is a great act of love!


CanAm Intervention Approach:

Accessing the services of a certified professional interventionist is lifesaving mission and one of the greatest gifts that you can give your love one, to help them recover from complex addictions.


An addiction intervention is a life-changing experience, whereby loving family members, concerned friends, or employers are educated about addictions and led by a trained addiction interventionist in presenting a sick loved one with an opportunity for recovery. An intervention is a transformational process in which the ultimate goal is to start clients/families on the path toward healing and wellness.


Who can reach out to an Interventionist?

  • Mostly, family members, friends, and employers reach out to access professional help for their love ones by contacting certified trained interventionists. It is important that you do not attempt to facilitate an intervention for your loved one on your own.
  • An intervention is a transformational process, and the ultimate goal of CanAm Interventions is to advocate for the identified patient while educating the family on recovery resources and support systems.
  • An Intervention begins with family members or friends coming together as a unit to address a loved one’s problems such as substance abuse issues, sex/love addiction, eating disorders, mental health issues, Internet addiction, and gambling addiction.
  • Interventions are a form of confrontation, meaning a tough face- to-face encounters, but not the type which include physical abuse such as hitting.
  • The studies clearly show that when a family continues to enable, engage with, feel sorry for and accept responsibility for the identified patient, the family as a whole will become unwell and get caught up in the cycle of addictive behaviors.
  • An intervention is an act of empathy rather than sympathy. It is a proven fact that if you, as family members, stop reacting to your loved ones addicted negative behaviors and change your own actions, the addicted person will also make changes.
  • An intervention becomes a win-win situation for both the identified patient and the family and/or friends. By bringing out the truth, it is the beginning of the path of recovery for everyone involved.





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