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ROBIN - Ontario, Canada

"We recently had a crisis situation where a family member needed immediate help with a serious addiction problem. To complicate matters, the best care facilities were in different part of the country from where we live. We were unsure what to do and found the whole situation completely overwhelming. Fortunately we connected with Patricia Pike. She helped us locate the appropriate facilities (we needed 2) and took care of all the details. She provided a safe escort, booked flights and accommodations, handled all the paperwork and dealt with some precise timing issues. Her calm manner and obvious expertise guided us through this very difficult time. We couldn't have handled things without her help, are extremely grateful for her and highly recommend her services."


KERRY M. - New Westminster, B.C., Canada

"Addiction is a scary word, but when it finds its way to your family you are totally unprepared. Addiction touches the very heart of your family and extended family. Patti is in every sense of the word our leader and coach. The first time on the phone with Patti I knew she would work well with the dynamics of our family. She listened, gave advice and told us what she was able to provide for us. Holistic in her approach she does not just help you with the treatment for the addicted person; she prepares you for the whole journey. We hired Patti to help us with an intervention on my brother. He has been a drug addict for more than 30 years. My parents are elderly and needed special care and support though this process. I had no idea just how much care and support my sister and I would need. Patti was there for us and still is every step of the way. What makes Patti so unique is not just the work she does, but the care and strength she gave our family. I would never hesitate to recommend Patti; we never would have gotten my brother into treatment. We're a long way from a happy ending, but with Patti's help we took the right steps. Thank you, Patti."



H.S. - Yukon, November 2012

"Patti is gifted... with compassion and understanding, I call it a gift because it takes a special person to see past mistakes & actions and into the true person. She delivered hope when we thought there was none... at a time where family & friends felt exhausted after many attempts to try to make our loved one see how important it was to get clean. Patti educated us and led us to the approach that was needed to carry across the true love, & compassion for someone we felt we were losing... and someone who had lost them self. Thank you Patti, you changed not just one life - but many, in one intervention."


BARBARA - Santa Barbara, California, October 2012

"My heart was broken and I was losing my mind obsessing about my son's drug addiction. I started the research and reaching out for advice, what should/could I do??? After one conversation with Patti Pike my mind was eased and I had a plan or at least the start of a plan. I was soothed by the sound of her voice and encouraged with her listening skills and the way she had of drawing me out and getting me to face my denial. I never thought I would get through the intervention but Patti dug in and became a part of our family quickly and expertly guided us through the most painful thing we've ever had to do. I have a feeling she will be a part of our lives for a long time. She was and is very professional spending time with each of us and getting to know our son through each persons eyes. We all feel very connected to Patti and have only the highest regard for her. I hope you don't have need of an interventionist but if you do Patti will take you carefully and thoughtfully through the process"


ANONYMOUS - San Francisco Bay Area, California, February 2012

"Patti is an amazing woman. She really really helped me when I was detoxing. Patty sat at my bedside with a very soothing voice and talked to me about getting clean. She talked with my husband and had a huge part in us (my husband and I) reaching an agreement. I'm really not sure what would've happened had she not been there to support both my husband and I. I am blessed that Patti was an integral part in me getting clean. I will never forget that. What a blessing and I am still clean today one day at a time."


CHRIS - Vancouver, B.C. Canada, February 2012

"I had corresponded with you two weeks ago regarding my son. And I just wanted to tell you that on Monday my son decided on his own to go into a treatment center. I want to thank you for the information you had given me and if anything should go wrong in the future I will certainly contact you again. I would recommend your services to other families. Thanks so much for the information and guidance you gave me concerning the nature of interventions and the process. The procedures that you follow in terms of the families' involvement were most impressive. Regards, Chris."


MICHELLE - Northern California, February 2012

"Patti Pike worked with me at a treatment facility in California. She always made sure I had the tools to stay clean. To this day I have a close relationship with Patti! I'm going on three years clean and it's because of Patti's helped and support that I have my life back."


RACHEL - B.C. Canada

"Patricia Pike has influenced me during various stages of recovery from addiction by being a positive role model, supportive, non judgmental, understanding, loving, caring and a really good listener. She has been a mentor/professional of mine for almost 12 years now and has been there to talk to when I needed support and encouragement. I think that Patricia Pike can be an amazing family interventionist and has many years of experience in bringing families together."


DAVID - MA, Clinical Psychology, Forensic Criminology, Vancouver Native Health Centre

"I have known you (Patricia) on a personal and professional basis for the past ten years. As co-counselors, we shared a three year period serving a marginalized and multi-diagnosed client population within the most impoverished and drug addicted environment in North America - downtown eastside area of Vancouver Canada. I hold the utmost respect for you as a compassionate, genuine and competent counselor with integrity and a commitment to your profession. In my opinion, I believe that you have the passion to provide exemplary services to clients in need of your services that client who access your agency will benefit from a best practices approach to recovery and wellness. On a personal note, I have appreciated your sense of humor and unconditional support during some challenging professional experiences. You are a tribute to the counseling profession."



"To say that Patti has been a rock for our family would be huge understatement.  She is professional, discreet and above all works for the healing and recovery of all concerned.

My family’s journey with Patti Pike evolved out of a lack of resources in my geographical area.  I had a family member with what I believed to be addiction issues, and really- I wasn’t even completely sure about that.  All I knew was that something was terribly wrong.

I had found Patti’s biography online and something resonated for me.  She sounded professional, intuitive and extremely open and honest.  This is what initially drew me to her.

After that first email contact where I explained our family’s concerns about our loved one – she asked if it would be OK to chat over the phone to get to know each other and find out some more details.  That first phone call happened over six years ago and it was - and is, the best thing that could have happened for my family.  There was an instant connection.   Through working together over time she developed a bond with my family.  She then developed a relationship with our loved one and brought us all to a place where an Intervention was possible.

Patti brings her own addiction/recovery experience to the table and that is a very valuable tool in her toolbox, but most admittedly, not the only one.  It helps to provide insight for family members on where their loved one is within their addiction as well as an unspoken bond with persons caught in the addiction cycle.   Most importantly, she is able to model the reality that recovery is possible and helps to navigate the steps to get there.

Patti has many years’ experience in the addictions field and as anyone working within that demographic will tell you, at times she has had the experience of working with those who have co-morbid, or co-occurring diagnosis.  She has worked extensively with various Mental Health professionals throughout her career and that very particular combination of Addictions and Mental Health training is what has made her contributions invaluable for my family."



"I cannot recommend Patti enough.  I will be eternally grateful for the guidance and support she has given to my family.  She has led us out of some very dark times and restored a sense of balance that had been missing for a very long time.  Things with my loved one remain in a state of flux, but with Patti’s guidance, I have learned to meet my loved one where they are at and offer my support and love.  The ability to give myself understanding and compassion, is one the biggest lessons Patti has taught me.  If allow myself to be a wreck, nothing will be gained and much will be lost.  I feel I now have the tools I need to cope despite what may be around the corner. It is always a balance and I continue to work at it but now I know that it is possible.

It has been quite a long journey up to this point, but it is one that I strongly believe my family would not have been able to survive intact, without Patti’s involvement.  In this six year evolution my family has dealt with quite a few professionals in the Addictions field…and I can honestly say that none of them had the skills, insight, or dedication that Patti does.  If you are reading this and wondering about making that call…I would strongly urge you to do so…it might just be the best decision you ever make.

It was for my family!"

ANONYMOUS – Eastern Canada


CHAD C - Vancouver, BC

"Patricia Pike (Patti) has been apart of my recovery process since February 1st/2000, when I first entered treatment after my addiction me jobless, broke, homeless, and with no friends or family. In treatment, she pointed me in the direction of a 12 step program that could help me learn to cope and live with a life in recovery free of drugs and alcohol.  After a relapse that left me with no choice but to get clean, I knew the only person that that could help was Patti P. Patti has continually played an active role in my recovery since the beginning. Thanks to those basic tools I received in treatment and one on one counseling sessions, I have stayed clean for 13 years, and am now working on a Criminology Degree to fulfill yet another dream of mine.  Patti also has extensive expensive education working directly within the GLBTQA, HIV/ AIDS, teen, and young adult experience. If you are looking for an interventionist who can fit into any client situation, Patricia Pike is the best possible solution for all treatment needs. A persons’ recovery is a program of action and requires each individual to work their successes, the difference is that very first important contact in order for success to happen!"







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