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CanAm Interventions provides interventions for sex addiction. those that live with sex addiction are unsure of how to stop the cycle of self-abuse so they tend to hide behind the shame of asking for help.


What is the definition of Sex Addiction?

Sex addiction is based on a person's compulsion and need to have dysfunctional sexual relationships and/or find ways to act out on their sexual drive as a need to find intimacy. Sex addiction is progressive, and finding ways to act out on sex addictions becomes the addict's way of life and the way to feel loved by another person.


What Are the symptoms of Sex Addiction?

Sex Addicts are not persons that crave having sex all the time. The addiction usually stems from shame, anxiety, depression, attachment and /or some underlying problems.


What is the definition of Love Addiction? Love addictions is considered a condition of a need to be loved . Love addicts tend to find partners that are not available in the relationship and will not return affection, they feel much neglect and rejection.


Sex Addiction Interventions:

The studies states that sex addiction is mostly due to loneliness, depression, anxiety and an overwhelming fear of someone finding out about their sexual fantasy. There are negative results that come out of sex addictions such as being completely preoccupied for hours and days with thoughts and behaviors related how to engage in sexual fantasies.


Much like chemical dependences, sex addiction is another form of trying to exert control, denial, justification, dishonesty, often resulting in the addict hurting the people closest to them. Sexual addictions interventions incudes;  pornography addictions, Illegal sex addictions, sex with under age persons, non-consensual sexual acts, hiring prostitutes, and attending strip clubs. All sex addictions can be treated with professional help. It is very important to have professional help to engaged with your "loved ones" and find the best treatment modality that specializes in sex addictions.




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