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Family Interventions can take place three days from the start to the day of intervention for your loved one. The cost can be negotiated with a CanAm Interventions Specialist. One of our interventionist will go over all the details of CanAm Interventions financial contract as well. If you live in Canada, we will provide a detailed tax receipt to apply towards a medical expense for your income taxes.


An Intervention is a Gift of Love.


CanAm Interventions has research which shows that the cost of an intervention is much less than ongoing medical bills, hospital stays, and crisis management funds related to alcohol or drugs, and /or other self-destructive behaviors.


At CanAm Interventions, we understand the importance of financial budgets for some families, which our counselors take into consideration when assessing best rehab treatments.


Intervention Services:


  • Travel within the U.S. and Canada (Internationally Certified Interventionist)


  • Family Care Consulting &Treatment Collaboration with selected Rehab Programs


  • Addiction Counseling & Case Management & Aftercare Services for both the patient and family


  • Referrals to Addiction Rehab Programs both in the United States and Canada


  • Transporting Client after the Intervention Meeting to the selected Treatment Program


  • Addiction Assessment, Treatment Planning using many Treatment Modalities










How much does an intervention cost?




       CanAm Interventions Pricing Model:


Addiction Counseling: $150 per hour, includes: (via telephone, Skype, and/or in person)


Addiction Assessment & Referrals: $450, includes: (Addiction Assessment & Treatment Planning)


Sober Companionship: $950 per day, includes: (After-Care Treatment and/or Detox support)


Family Consultation & Rehab: $600, includes: (4 Hours Referral & Research)


Family Case Management & Aftercare Services, includes: $3000 for (90 days)


Rehab Transports / Travel Companionship: includes $1500 per day and plus expenses


Intervention Transports: includes $1000 a day for support and plus expenses


Online Family Support Groups: includes $400 per month x 3 Months (via Skype – 50 Minutes)



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