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CanAm Interventions is highly qualified in facilitating Interventions for Prescription Drugs. Prescription drug abuse has become extremely common. In fact, prescription drugs have caused many drug overdoses. Whether it is Oxycodone, Fentanyl, Valium, sleeping medications, stimulants, Methadone, and/or their withdrawals, prescription drugs can be extremely dangerous.


The National Institute on Drug Addiction estimates 9 million people use prescription drugs, and 100 Americans die each day from overdose to prescription medication.


We at CanAm Interventions have received calls from many Canadian and American parents in distress, sharing their stories of sending their son or daughter off to college with such excitement, only to find out later that their child has become addicted to prescription medication.


Other studies are of overdose in elderly people, who tend to get many prescription medications for various  medical issues related to aging. They tend to take too many pills, use too much medication for depression and many other issues, and accidentally overdose.


"When you do what you fear most, then you can do anything" - Stephen Richards


You Will Succeed!






Another big issue surrounding excessive prescription pill use is pain management, which can turn into a long-term addiction. One of the biggest result of overuse of pain medication is that the person tends to become addicted to the drug.


When persons gets treatment for prescription medication abuse – they will learn how to cope and manage their pain by working with addiction doctors.  In addition, there are treatment programs available specifically for patients with pain.


Many persons that become addicted to prescription medication does not plan to do so. Overtime, with overuse, a person that is addicted to prescription medication is much like the person that is standing on the street corner, waiting for the drug dealer to come, to get that "fix".


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