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Michael Hughes

Michael Hughes - Recovery Coach/Transport Services

Michael is a seasoned Executive Protection Transport Specialist & Recovery Coach providing professional services in the private sector and to the recovery community for over 31 years.

Mr. Hughes have worked with Patricia Pike Interventionist/Addiction Specialist for the past year supporting her on various intervention cases and provided transport and recovery coaching services to clients and supporting families. Michael has a clear understanding of substance abuse, caring for the individuals that he works with and has much passion to connect persons with positive resources in the community.

24/7 supervision Services:

  • Supporting clients to recovery meetings. Helping clients develop structures and methods for taking effective action towards recovery goals
  • Educating patients on the “cycle of addiction”. Supporting clients in identifying and consistently leveraging their expanding resources, skills, and strengths.
  • Supporting clients and transporting clients into treatment programs, court appearance, and recovery meetings.
  • Setting realistic practical healthy recovery boundaries. Assisting clients in choosing, designing, and committing to actions plans.
  • Crisis management and connecting clients to recovery oriented community resources
  • Urine drug and alcohol testing



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