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CanAm Interventions facilitates Young Adult Interventions the U.S. and Canada. We have extensive experience, with a 92% success rate of getting adolescents into alcohol or drug rehabs in order to deal with addictions/behaviors. We provide teen crisis interventions for families that are dealing with their young adult person's challenging behaviors, which can be a difficult/overwhelming situation without the help of a professional.


Addictive personality in adolescents can show up in negative behaviors, self-defeating actions, outbursts, drugs or alcohol addictions, acting out on self-harm, involvement in the criminal justice system, and repeated negative consequences due to the addictions.


It takes a special skill set to make the connection with adolescents. At CanAm Interventions, we are top interventionists specializing in dealing with young adults. We have facilitated drug or alcohol interventions and/or behavior interventions for young adults in Vancouver British Columbia, Toronto Ontario, San Francisco California, Halifax Nova Scotia St. John’s Newfoundland and Moncton New Brunswick.  These interventions include working with teens and their families in the development of alternative approaches for complex cases.


Unlocking the mystery of addiction for your son or daughter, parents tend to asked themselves, “Where did I go wrong?" Parents share with our counselors their feelings of guilt, remorse, and sadness, not knowing what steps to take next. Parents want to protect their child from the world of addiction, no matter what the age of the child. A parent’s goal is to keep their child safe. We at CanAm Interventions can help make this happen. Professional intervention help is available today, you do not have to this alone.


When you stop fighting your child's addiction, and start fighting for recovery, miracles happen.



23 million young people in America and Canada are addicted to drugs or alcohol.



Young Adult Addiction Warning Signs:

  • School performance and grades are progressively declining
  • The use of outside influences to feel good about themselves
  • Tendency to push family members and close friends away, and to not attend family functions
  • Parents noticing their loved ones are sick more than usual
  • Young adults hanging out with new friends and/or not meeting curfews
  • Prescription drugs and alcohol are going missing from the home
  • Irritability, loss of interest of school or sports, or emotional withdrawal
  • Criminal activity and involvement with police and/or violent behavior
  • Red eyes, poor personal hygiene, decreased body weight, needle marks, scratching and/or picking at the body
  • Mood swings, depression, anxiety, dishonesty, and secretive and suspicious behavior



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