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CanAm Interventions – Certificate Training Skills -101


Approved for 25 CIP/PCB NAADAC, continuing education and CACCF credit hours



"To enrich and inspire the behavioral health community and raise the bar of the quality of treatment for those struggling with addiction and mental health challenges."


CanAm Interventions is pleased to present a diversified team of professionals with over two decades, working in the Addiction and Behavioral Health Care System. We are offering a Comprehensive Practical Intervention Skills & Training that will provide 25 CE’s hours and 10 hours of supervision which can be applied toward becoming a Certified Intervention Professional (C.I.P.). Credentials are from the Pennsylvania Certification Board.



Our goal is to equip, educate and provide information to all participants at the training, so they can start on a professional path to becoming effective Certified Intervention Professionals.


A journey of a thousand miles begins with the First Step.





  • Module 1 - Introduction of Intervention Approaches: This module introduces intervention approaches that provide a clear understanding of the history and various approaches and practices of interventions work.


  • Module 2 - Intervention Practical Techniques& Case Management Skills: This module introduces practical skills for intervention styles and approaches & Case Management skills, defining a clear action plan for the process and preparation of pre- and post-intervention work.


  • Module 3 - Understanding Family Dynamic and the Cycle of Addictive Behaviors: This module introduces participants to the patterns and traits of addiction & mental health within families & relationships, the importance of education for the intervention group, assessment of referral, and treatment planning & aftercare services.


  • Module 4 - The Disease Model and Alcohol & Drug Information: This module is designed to give participants basic information on The Disease Model as well as give will give you a clear understanding on alcoholism, and chemical dependencies, information on drugs, treatments and the various traits of addictive behaviors in preparation for intervention cases.


  • Module 5 - Ethics and Confidentiality Laws for Interventions: This module addresses the importance of ethics and confidentiality and obtaining a professional organization to practice professional guidelines for interventions work such as NAADAC and PCB.


  • Module 6 - Business Contracts, Professional Forms, Mock Intervention Cases and Business Development : This module will help participants to gain a clear understanding of the professional and business side of becoming a professional and certified interventionist.






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