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Are you feeling hopeless and powerless about someone’s drug or alcohol addiction? CanAm Interventions drugs and alcohol interventions have been developed over many years of experience. Our team of specialists have the knowledge and compassion to help you and your family get better.


Edmonton Interventionist & Addiction Specialist


Are you feeling hopeless and powerless about someone’s drug or alcohol addiction? You do not have look any further for intervention services in Edmonton Alberta, Canada. Ms. Pike born and raised in Canada understands the Canadian people. On a personal note, she found recovery in New Westminster, BC over 24 years ago from her own addictions. Patricia has intervention services both in Canada & the U.S. and travels freely across borders.


Patricia Pike Interventionist and CEO of CanAm Interventions objective and goals of facilitating a family interventions is to “advocate for families” to start their own personal healing & wellness and to help your loved one that is “suffering with an addiction” or “mental health” find the best treatment services to recover.  CanAm Interventions beliefs and values are based on professional ethics and years of experience working in addiction and mental health field with a high success rate of patient’s accepting treatment on the day of the intervention. Patricia professional beliefs are coming from a “love first approach” & “we believe that miracle happens with family interventions” and have helped thousands of person’s recovery from addiction.


Intervention Specialists serving Edmonton Alberta, Canada Area:

Alberta has seen a lot of changes in the last few decades. The continued growth in overdoses from drugs or alcohol is shaking our nation (we are in a major crisis). Families are at a lost and unsure of what to do other than trying desperately to keep their loved ones alive.

 Our goal is to help you feel at ease from your initial phone call all, the way through the drug and alcohol intervention process. Our drug and alcohol intervention services have been specifically designed to help people break the cycle of addiction.


If you know someone that is struggling with addiction or mental health: We at CanAm Interventions offer Alcohol/Drug Interventions, Family Intervention Treatment & Mental Health Interventions and specialize in Adolescents Interventions.




Treating Individuals and Families for over 23 years.


The treatment centers that we recommend have been personally inspected by our team and proven their model of success. We can help you get your loved one in treatment, anywhere in US with no wait time.


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