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What is the definition of A drug intervention? A drug intervention describes the situation of a person that is having some type of trauma/crisis intervention in their life. A drug intervention is mostly requested from concerned family members/friends and facilitated by a professional. Intervention -  are using evidence-based techniques similar to therapeutic/group counseling.


* Intervention Drug Services California, United States

* Interventions Drug Services Vancouver, BC, Canada.


*We are certified intervention professionals, equipped to deal with family crises/chronic drug addictions by providing drug interventions for the toughest complex cases.


CanAm Interventions has highly educated and qualified Intervention Professionals and Addiction Specialists who can advocate for your families and persuade someone that is abusing drugs to accept treatment.


At CanAm Interventions, we are like "Addiction Fighters".


Drug addiction is cunning, powerful, self-harming and affects the persons closest to the drug addict. At CanAm Interventions, our motto is that "any person that has an addiction problem can lose the desire to use and find recovery through the gift of intervention treatment".




Some Types of Drugs interventions include:

  • Alcohol Interventions
  • Oxycontin Interventions
  • Oxycodone Interventions
  • Hydrocodone Interventions
  • Vicodin Interventions
  • Methadone Interventions
  • Percocet Interventions
  • Lortab Interventions
  • Fentanyl Patch Interventions
  • Valium Interventions


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