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What is Client Monitoring?

CanAm Interventions provides Aftercare Monitoring Services using Sober Link and various testing labs in the United States and Canada with a focus on providing accountability/abstinence. We work with many post-treatment referrals that need to have accountability on staying abstinent from alcohol and drugs for many reasons such as:

  • Court Mandated Clients
  • Workplace Mandated Clients
  • Treatment Compliance
  • Family Supervision
  • College Compliance


Who can benefit ?

Families that are ready to rebuild relationships and invest in developing new family agreements (new rules of engagement and operation) can benefit. Mostly, when loved ones accept either in-patient, outpatient and/or community-based treatment, families are so excited that their focus is on their loved one making changes. The family also needs to make personal changes by gaining support and direction from a family consultant. If the family does not learn a new language on how to communicate with their loved one, the family members will sabotage and interrupt their loved one’s treatment.


Recovery Monitoring Process:

The Recovery Management Model has demonstrated the effectiveness of combining a community-based case management program with a continuum of addiction treatment services to be highly successful for long-term recovery.


Studies have shown that 90 days of treatment for patients and families has better long-term outcomes of treating the whole family, facilitation of education, family consultation, patient monitoring.  In addition,case management with the selected treatment center helps to break down the patterns of addiction behaviors within the family system.


Case managers encourage client autonomy through the development of social and personal skills and focus on helping clients link with community-based agencies, such as addiction treatment, housing, entitlement programs, and vocational services.


Individuals who have received recovery and case management services have had better outcomes around monthly income and employment, housing stability, and substance use patterns compared to a randomized group of individuals who received standard referral services.
Practical Steps to Recovery Management:

  • A signed treatment contract that outlines post treatment recovery activities, including meetings, individual sessions, urine tests, etc
  • Reporting protocols for non-compliance with terms of the contract
  • Random forensic urine testing, with a minimum of four per month for the first year
  • A minimum of three weekly documented 12-Step or other Self-Help Support group attendance
  • Participation in at least one weekly facilitated therapy group
  • Minimum of at least one weekly individual session
  • Minimum of at least twice monthly meetings with the Monitoring Service Provider
  • Monthly written progress reports to the designated employee representative or family member

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