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Bobbie Horne

Bobbie Horne – Recovery Coach / Transport Services

I live in Tucson, Arizona and my name is Bobbie H. I am a Certified Recovery Specialist, Sober Companion, mentor, coach and trained interventionist. As a woman in long term recovery myself, I am passionate about enjoying life and I absolutely insist on having fun. I am highly motivated with exceptional skills connecting with other women who struggle with life skills, navigating family relationships and social skills in general.

With a background as a CEO in my own hearing aid business to being a mother and step mother and now grandmother I am very versatile, adaptable and capable. I think quickly on my feet and enjoy new opportunities. I have a unique understanding of interpersonal skills which immediately makes clients feel safe and comfortable. I am compassionate and kind and I can quickly assess any situation.

But, the reason I have devoted my life and career to recovery and helping other women and families in and out of recovery is because I am committed to the solution to crack the door of willingness to the path of hope, sobriety and joy.



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