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Congratulations! This introduction is to acknowledge your inner strength in finding a solution for your untreated loved one's addiction. If you are searching for help for your family, friend, and/or employee, we at CanAm Interventions can help to improve the quality of your life so that you are no longer held hostage by the destruction of addiction. CanAm Interventions will work with you to devise a recovery management plan that will be a win-win situation for the untreated person and the suffering family members and friends.


CanAm Interventions can give you professional insight into what it means to have a loved one who is untreated and is suffering from addiction and/or self-defeating behaviors. CanAm Interventions can also help with the impact of co-dependency on family members, dealing with entitlement issues, and the impact of addictions. We can also answer questions that are frequently asked regarding what happens while you are engaged in the intervention and recovery management process.


At CanAm Interventions, our motto is "Creating an action plan that can fit the needs of the caller that is seeking help for a loved one's addiction and/or mental health issues". Accessing support services from one of our professionals at CanAm Interventions is encouraged to relieve the pressure of confronting the untreated person. It is best to accept the help of a professional, rather than trying to do this on your own. It would be like trying to treat a medical condition with no medical training. Taking action, surrendering and being honest with yourself that you cannot do this alone is often the most difficult process to come to terms with because of the stigma of shame and guilt that are attached to all types of addictions. This is most evident when a family member's default reaction is to look for solutions without involving outside help, in the belief that they need to keep it silent and deal with the problem as a family.


At CanAm Interventions, we can help you to understand that the most loving gift you can give to someone you love is to help them find freedom from active addiction and gain another way to live. This can be done in a confidential and respectful way, in the privacy of your own home.

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